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We have mostly Boerperd  (and boerperd cross) horses with added to that a thoroughbred, 2 percherons, 2 pintos and a basotho cross. A bit of everything to suit most type of riders.


Boerperds are a South African breed of horse, probably of Arab-Barb descent and also Java horses, the first horses to come to South Africa from Indonesia when the Dutch arrived in South Africa around 1653.


These developed into the Cape Horse that was then crossed with English Thoroughbreds.


These horses are known for being strong, hardy and well muscled, usually 14.0hh to 15.3hh, sure-footed and to have kind temperaments and generous natures. The horses were widely ridden by the Boer soldiers in the Anglo Boer war of 1899 to 1902.

On Safaris we ride our horses in the English style of riding and we use mostly Leon Liversage Trail Rider and other suitable Trail saddles. Its is our priority that each horse has a well fitting saddle and that is why we unfortunately can't easily change the saddle, because we don't want our horses to get sore.

The Leon Liversage Trail Rider saddles are developed for endurance riding and are extremely comfortable for both rider and horse. They are light but designed to spread weight well over the horses' backs. They also have a high pommel and cantle which is helpful for our beginner riders. 

Unfortunately we currently don't have any English saddles available.


Our horses use a variety of bridles and bits. These are chosen to suit each horse. Generally speaking though most horses go in a single or double jointed snaffle. Some horses do better without a bit and therefore these horses have a bitless bridle.

Regrettably, we don't allow even the most experienced rider to ride without a saddle or without stirrups.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 2.34.51 PM.png

All our horses live out to free graze year round and most are natural hoofed (unshod/barefoot ) as the terrain and temperate conditions are well suited to this. We like our horses to live as close to their natural ways as is possible.

Our horses are fit, regularly schooled in the English style and well kept.


Natural Horsemanship is practiced with our horses.

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